…..what do you use to plan?

One of the first things that I decided I needed to buy from the new Stampin’ Up! Catalog is the Love Today Planner.
The great thing about this planner is you build and customize it to meet your needs.  This means that you do need to assemble the planner.  Never Fear, I am going to walk you thru how to build the Stampin’ Up! Planner.  But It will help you get organized and track your daily activities and life!  
When you open the planner there are lots of pieces to it.

The planner includes:
1.  A Binder
2.  Monthly dividers
3.  Calendar pages
4.  Detail weekly pages
5.  Clear photo protector pages
6.  2 pockets
7.  Lots of stickers to decorate and mark individual pages.  They make it fun to check off those tasks each day!

Now – How to build your Stampin’ up! Planner

1.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – Separate out the detail weekly pages.  The pages are divided by Mon, Tues. Wed. on one side and then Thurs., Fri., Sat., and Sun. on the other side.  Some of the back of the T,F,S,S pages have a list page.  This back page is for the end of the month.  Make a separate pile of the pages with the list on the back of the T, F, S, S page.

2.  Since this is June – I decided to start with June as the first month.  So I added the Monthly divider pages to my binder first.  The front of each Calendar month is a sheet with colored blocks which I plan on using to plot our my goals for each month.  Perfect for tracking what my goals are for each month.

3.  Next I added the calendars themselves.  Each calendar is blank so you will need to pull out your cell phone or family calendar to mark which day the month starts on and how many days there are in the month.  If you have a cute little number stamp set – you can stamp the numbers!

4.  Next add 3 of the detail weekly pages  and add one of the pages with the list on the back for the last page for that month.  You will need to write in the number for each day of the month on the detail weekly pages.  Make sure to start with the actual first day of the  month.  For example if Wednesday is the first day of the month, make sure you start numbering for that month with Wednesday.  I would add the numbers from the previous month on the Mon. and Tues.

Once you finish assembling, I added the 4 photo pocket pages.  These will be great to put all the pictures that people give you in one place to store until you can file or scrap them!

There are also 2 pocket pages which will be good to hold receipts until you record your expenses.

I love the stickers.  i used them to Decorate the Cover of my planner and some of the divider pages.  I am planning on using them to mark special events and to mark things done on my daily to do lists!.

There are also 3 batches of post-it notes…  I added these to the inside of my binder so they are handy!

Whew!  That’s it!

Did you make it thru??  I know that it takes a little time – but I think it will
be worth it to have one place to record my day and all of my expenses…

I would love to be your demonstrator…  If you don’t have a demonstrator then click below to go to my online store. If your order is under $150 use the hostess code   QXV3NADB and I will send you a package of Pearl Jewels… I love to share hostess benefits with my customers!

Enjoy and happy Stamping!


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