The Stampin’ Up! Retiring List

I was out on the Stampin’ Up! website and realized that the Stampin’ Up! Retired List does not have the column indicating items that have been SOLD OUT.  So I consolidated the Retirement List into one excel sheet with a column for items that are sold out.  I did add a date at the top of the sheet indicating when I last updated it.

I will try to update the list every couple of days.

Important things to know about the Retiring List.
Stamp sets that are offered with a coordinating framelit set or punch are only offered as bundles the FIRST season that they appear in a catalog.  So all  CURRENT BUNDLES are retiring!  That however, does not mean that the stamp set is retiring!  When you see that a bundle is retiring, check to see if the stamp set is also retiring.  If yes – then it will not be back in the new catalog.  For example The Charming Cafe Stamp set on page 25 of the Stampin’ Up! Occasions Catalog is retiring. So both the bundle and the stamp set are listed and will not be available in the new catalog in June.

If only the Bundle is retiring, then the stamp set and coordinating framelits or punch will be available in the new catalog but not for the bundled price!  So now is the time to get the bundle if it is a stamp set that you want!  Get that extra 10% off for the bundle!

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2017-2018 Retiring Listupdated 4/26
CategoryPublicationPageItemDescriptionRetail Price (USD)ORDER STATUS
Paper2018 OCC4145560Picture Perfect Party 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock Pack$8.00 
Paper2018 OCC4145559Picture Perfect Party 6″ x 6″ Designer Series Paper$10.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC5145563Birthday Mini Binder Clips$7.50 
Ink2018 OCC5145641Picture Perfect Party Classic Stampin’ Spots$9.00 
Stamps2018 OCC6146221Pique-nique avec toi (Photopolymer; French)$17.00 
Stamps2018 OCC6145860Picnic with You (Photopolymer; English)$17.00 
Tools2018 OCC6145658Picnic Basket Builder Framelits Dies$30.00 
Bundle2018 OCC6145980Picnic with You (Photopolymer; English)$42.25 
Bundle2018 OCC6145981Pique-Nique Avec Toi (Photopolymer; French)$42.25 
Bundle2018 OCC7145959Let the Good Times Roll (Photopolymer; English)***$43.00 
Bundle2018 OCC7147630Vie Trépidante (Photopolymer; French)***$43.00 
Stamps2018 OCC8145748Party Hat Birthday (Photopolymer; English)$26.00 
Stamps2018 OCC9145753Birthday Wit (Clear; English)$19.00 
Stamps2018 OCC9145750Birthday Wit (Wood; English)$27.00 
Tools2018 OCC9145619Party Hat Builder Framelits Dies$27.00 
Bundle2018 OCC9145960Party Hat Birthday (Photopolymer; English)$47.50 
Bundle2018 OCC12147627Cake Soirée (Clear; English)***$61.00 
Bundle2018 OCC12145817Gâteau Élégant (Clear; French)***$61.00 
Bundle2018 OCC12145816Cake Soirée (Wood; English)***$72.00 
Tools2018 OCC13145643Sweet Soirée Decorative Masks$4.50 
Paper2018 OCC13145562Sweet Soirée Ready Shreddie$7.50 
Paper2018 OCC13145565Sweet Soirée 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock Pack$8.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC13145578Sweet Soirée Embellishment Kit$11.00 
Paper2018 OCC13145564Sweet Soirée Specialty Designer Series Paper$13.00 
Kits2018 OCC16145579Perennial Birthday Project Kit$27.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC17146243Mini Embroidery Hoops$9.50 
Embellishments2018 OCC19146816Gold Glitter Flakes$5.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC19145586Painted Love Gold Vinyl Stickers$7.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC19145588Love Mini Tinsel Trim Combo Pack$9.00 
Paper2018 OCC19145580Painted with Love Specialty Designer Series Paper$13.00 
Paper2018 OCC19145582Painted with Love 12 x 12 Cardstock Pack$13.50 
Stamps2018 OCC19146156Je t’aime si fort (Clear; French)$21.00 
Stamps2018 OCC19145766Sure Do Love You (Clear; English)$21.00 
Stamps2018 OCC19145763Sure Do Love You (Wood; English)$29.00 
Tools2018 OCC19145653Lots to Love Box Framelits Dies$33.00 
Bundle2018 OCC19145966Sure Do Love You (Clear; English)$48.50 
Bundle2018 OCC19145967Je T’aime Si Fort (Clear; French)$48.50 
Bundle2018 OCC19145965Sure Do Love You (Wood; English)$55.75 
Stamps2018 OCC20145769Heart Happiness (Photopolymer; English)$17.00 
Stamps2018 OCC21145811Love You Still (Photopolymer; English)$16.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC23145590Whisper White 1/4″ Organza Ribbon$6.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC23145591Petal Passion Embellishments$8.00 
Paper2018 OCC23145589Petal Passion Designer Series Paper$11.00 
Bundle2018 OCC23145974Petal Palette (Clear; English)***$62.00 
Bundle2018 OCC23145975Palette De Pétales (Clear; French)***$62.00 
Bundle2018 OCC23145973Petal Palette (Wood; English)***$72.75 
Kits2018 OCC24145592Petal Passion Memories & More Card Pack$10.00SOLD OUT
Stamps2018 OCC25146867Café charmant (Clear; French)$20.00 
Stamps2018 OCC25146361Charming Café (Clear; English)$20.00 
Stamps2018 OCC25146358Charming Café (Wood; English)$28.00 
Tools2018 OCC25145665Café Builder Framelits Dies$28.00 
Bundle2018 OCC25147508Charming Cafe (Clear; English)$43.00 
Bundle2018 OCC25146087Café Charmant (Clear; French)$43.00 
Bundle2018 OCC25146086Charming Café (Wood; English)$50.25 
Bundle2018 OCC27145970Hold On to Hope (Clear; English)***$43.00 
Bundle2018 OCC27145971Garde L’espoir (Clear; French)***$43.00 
Bundle2018 OCC27145969Hold On to Hope (Wood; English)***$50.25 
Embellishments2018 OCC29145609Tutti-Frutti Adhesive-Backed Sequins$7.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC29145610Tutti-Frutti Washi Tape$8.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC29145611Lemon Lime Twist 3/8″ Mini Striped Ribbon$8.00 
Paper2018 OCC29145607Tutti-Frutti 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock Pack$8.00 
Ink2018 OCC29145644Tutti-Frutti Classic Stampin’ Spots$9.00 
Paper2018 OCC29145606Tutti-Frutti 6″ x 6″ Designer Series Paper$10.00 
Stamps2018 OCC29146167Panier de fruits (Photopolymer; French)$16.00 
Stamps2018 OCC29145833Fruit Basket (Photopolymer; English)$16.00 
Tools2018 OCC29145657Itty Bitty Fruit Punch Pack$23.00 
Bundle2018 OCC29145977Fruit Basket (Photopolymer; English)$35.00 
Bundle2018 OCC29145978Panier De Fruits (Photopolymer; French)$35.00 
Ink2018 OCC31144593Pink Pirouette Light Stampin’ Blends Marker$4.50 
Ink2018 OCC31144592Pink Pirouette Dark Stampin’ Blends Marker$4.50 
Ink2018 OCC31144604Pink Pirouette Stampin’ Blends Markers Combo Pack$9.00 
Ink2018 OCC31147475Stampin’ Blends Markers Collection$121.50 
Bundle2018 OCC32146082Bubble Over (Photopolymer; English)***$40.50 
Bundle2018 OCC32146083Pétillant De Bonheur (Photopolymer; French)***$40.50 
Embellishments2018 OCC33145632Glitter & Clear Epoxy Shapes$7.00 
Stamps2018 OCC33145821Sunshine & Rainbows (Photopolymer; English)$21.00 
Tools2018 OCC33145659Rainbow Builder Framelits Dies$30.00 
Bundle2018 OCC33145983Sunshine & Rainbows (Photopolymer; English)$45.75 
Stamps2018 OCC34145826Friendship’s Sweetest Thoughts (Clear; English)$19.00 
Stamps2018 OCC34145823Friendship’s Sweetest Thoughts (Wood; English)$27.00 
Stamps2018 OCC35145850In the Trees (Photopolymer; English)$16.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC37145602Myths & Magic Specialty Washi Tape$6.00 
Paper2018 OCC37145600Myths & Magic Specialty Designer Series Paper$13.00SOLD OUT
Paper2018 OCC37145601Myths & Magic Glimmer Paper 6″ x 6″$15.00 
Stamps2018 OCC37146400Journée magique (Clear; French)$22.00 
Stamps2018 OCC37145857Magical Day (Clear; English)$22.00 
Tools2018 OCC37145660Magical Mates Framelits Dies$29.00 
Stamps2018 OCC37145854Magical Day (Wood; English)$30.00 
Bundle2018 OCC37145985Magical Day (Clear; English)$45.75 
Bundle2018 OCC37147732Journée Magique (Clear; French)$45.75 
Bundle2018 OCC37145984Magical Day (Wood; English)$53.00 
Stamps2018 OCC39145783Hello Easter (Photopolymer; English)$17.00 
Stamps2018 OCC39145898We Must Celebrate (Clear; English)$20.00 
Stamps2018 OCC39145895We Must Celebrate (Wood; English)$28.00 
Stamps2018 OCC40146880Joli petit quelque chose (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2018 OCC40145848Sweet Little Something (Photopolymer; English)$21.00 
Stamps2018 OCC41145929Flying Home (Clear; English)$18.00 
Stamps2018 OCC41145926Flying Home (Wood; English)$25.00 
Stamps2018 OCC42146887Drôles d’oiseaux (Photopolymer; French)$17.00 
Stamps2018 OCC42145852Bird Banter (Photopolymer; English)$17.00 
Stamps2018 OCC42145892Fortunate to Know You (Clear; English)$18.00 
Stamps2018 OCC42145888Fortunate to Know You (Wood; English)$25.00 
Bundle2018 OCC43145990Barn Door (Clear; English)***$42.25 
Bundle2018 OCC43145989Barn Door (Wood; English)***$49.50 
Ink2018 OCC45145668Chocolate Chip & Tranquil Tide Stampin’ Write Markers$7.00 
Embellishments2018 OCC45145597Night of Navy 3/8″ Corduroy Ribbon$8.00 
Paper2018 OCC45145595True Gentleman 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock Pack$8.00 
Paper2018 OCC45145593True Gentleman Designer Series Paper$11.00 
Stamps2018 OCC45146183Bien soigné (Clear; French)$20.00 
Stamps2018 OCC45145735Truly Tailored (Clear; English**)$20.00 
Stamps2018 OCC45145732Truly Tailored (Wood; English)**$28.00 
Bundle2018 OCC45147752Truly Tailored (Clear; English)**$34.00 
Bundle2018 OCC45146090Bien Soigné (Clear; French)**$34.00 
Bundle2018 OCC45146089Truly Tailored (Wood; English)**$41.25 
Stamps2018 OCC46145905A Mother’s Flair (Clear; English)$18.00 
Stamps2018 OCC46145935Dad Jokes (Clear; English)$19.00 
Stamps2018 OCC46145902A Mother’s Flair (Wood; English)$25.00 
Stamps2018 OCC46145932Dad Jokes (Wood; English)$27.00 
Bundle2018 OCC47145986Apron of Love (Photopolymer; English)***$45.00 
Bundle2018 OCC47145987Tablier D’amour (Photopolymer; French)***$45.00 
Stamps2018 OCC50146407Souhaits charmants (Photopolymer; French)$17.00 
Stamps2018 OCC50145924Lovely Wishes (Photopolymer; English)$17.00 
Host2018 OCC54145946Yay You (Photopolymer; English)$10.00* 
Host2018 OCC54146189Chaumière tranquille (Clear; French)$12.00* 
Host2018 OCC54145943Cozy Cottage (Clear; English)$12.00* 
Host2018 OCC54145940Cozy Cottage (Wood; English)$17.00* 
*Amount in Stampin’ Rewards; host sets can only be purchased using Stampin’ Rewards from a qualifying party.
**Bundle includes some products that are not retiring; refer to the Retiring List above to see what individual products are retiring.
***While the items in these bundles are not retiring, they will no longer be available in a bundle after May 31, 2018.
CategoryPublicationPageItemDescriptionRetail Price (USD)ORDER STATUS
Kits2017–2018 AC13145386Love Today Planner Kit Refill$27.00 
Kits2017–2018 AC13144257Love Today Planner Kit$37.00 
Kits2017–2018 AC15142725Oh Happy Day Card Kit$35.00 
Kits2017–2018 AC15140564Une Belle Journée Card Kit (French)$35.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC17144547Bonjour Très Chère (Clear; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC17144059Hello Friend (Clear)$21.00 
Kits2017–2018 AC17146013Hello Friend Heat Embossing Project Kit$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC17144055Hello Friend (Wood)$29.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC19145308Eastern Beauty (Photopolymer)***$48.50 
Bundle2017–2018 AC19145309Beauté De L’orient (Photopolymer; French)***$48.50 
Bundle2017–2018 AC20145314Bike Ride (Photopolymer)***$43.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC21145334Climbing Orchid (Photopolymer)***$46.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC21145335Orchidée Grimpante (Photopolymer; French)***$46.75 
Stamps2017–2018 AC22144441Planté avec amour (Clear; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC22144433Grown with Love (Clear)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC22143684Grown with Love (Wood)$29.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC22145338Grown with Love (Clear)$45.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC22145339Planté Avec Amour (Clear; French)$45.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC22145337Grown with Love (Wood)$53.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC25143872Flirty Flowers (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC25143873Flirty Flowers (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC26142273Explosion De Saveur (Photopolymer; French)$16.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC26141513Ready to Pop (Photopolymer)$16.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC26142642Badges et banderoles (Clear; French)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC26141610Badges & Banners (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC26141605Badges & Banners (Wood)$27.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC27145305Label Me Pretty (Clear)***$31.50 
Bundle2017–2018 AC27145306Charmantes Étiquettes (Clear; French)***$31.50 
Bundle2017–2018 AC27145304Label Me Pretty (Wood)***$36.75 
Stamps2017–2018 AC28130942Flower Shop (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC28130939Flower Shop (Wood)$24.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC31145331Coffee Café (Photopolymer)***$45.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC31145332Café À Emporter (Photopolymer; French)***$45.75 
Stamps2017–2018 AC33143689More Than Chocolate (Photopolymer)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC34143466Heureuses célébrations (Photopolymer; French)$35.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC34143012Happy Celebrations (Photopolymer)$35.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC35143904Going Far (Clear)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC35143901Going Far (Wood)$23.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC36138251Vœux pour homme (Photopolymer; French)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC36137178Guy Greetings ada (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC36129759Vœux mignons (Clear; French)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC36127802Teeny Tiny Wishes (Clear)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC36128748Teeny Tiny Wishes (Wood)$37.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC36138828Guy Greetings (Clear)$39.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC36138825Guy Greetings (Wood)$52.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC38143695So Many Shells (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC41145083Motifs et croquis (Clear; French)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC41143843Pieces & Patterns (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC41143840Pieces & Patterns (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC42141581Pop of Paradise (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC42140180Juste comme ça (Clear; French)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC42139440You’re So Sweet (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC42141578Pop of Paradise (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC42138682You’re So Sweet (Wood)$27.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC43145364Tabs for Everything (Photopolymer)***$31.50 
Bundle2017–2018 AC43145365Onglets Pour Tout (Photopolymer; French)***$31.50 
Stamps2017–2018 AC44143916You Deserve This (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC44143913You Deserve This (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC45141727Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC46142614Bonne Couche D’Amour (Clear; French)$16.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC46141965Layering Love (Clear)$16.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC46144761Quirky Critters (Clear)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC46141962Layering Love (Wood)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC46143697Quirky Critters (Wood)$23.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC52143707Message in a Bottle (Photopolymer)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC53143407Lèche-vitrine (Clear; French)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC53143265Window Shopping (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC53141625Seaside Shore (Clear)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC53142920Window Shopping (Wood)$23.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC53141622Seaside Shore (Wood)$29.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC54145351At Home with You (Photopolymer)***$50.25 
Bundle2017–2018 AC54145352Faites Comme Chez Vous (Photopolymer; French)***$50.25 
Stamps2017–2018 AC59143679Beverage Bar (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC60142723Levons notre verre (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC60141928Mixed Drinks (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC61143687Text Ya Later (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC62142202Glamper Greetings (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC63143867Watts of Occasions (Clear)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC63143864Watts of Occasions (Wood)$28.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC64145345Pocketful of Sunshine (Photopolymer)***$37.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC64145346Dans La Poche (Photopolymer; French)***$37.75 
Stamps2017–2018 AC65143691World’s Best Trophy (Photopolymer)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC67143685Great Big Greetings (Photopolymer)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC69144362Livraison d’anniversaire (Photopolymer; French)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC69143660Birthday Delivery (Photopolymer)$27.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC69145294Birthday Delivery (Photopolymer)$62.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC69145295Livraison D’anniversaire (Photopolymer; French)$62.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC70144373Joyeuse journée (Clear; French)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC70143796Happiest of Days (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC70141048Fleurs d’anniversaire (Clear; French)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC70140658Birthday Blooms (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC70143793Happiest of Days (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC70140655Birthday Blooms (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC71143426À souligner (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC71142954Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC72143778Celebrate You (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC72143775Celebrate You (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC73143399Fêtons en grand (Photopolymer; French)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC73142877Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC74142874Super Duper (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC74142871Super Duper (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC75142531Pluie de confettis (Clear; French)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC75142034Confetti Celebration (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC75143784Five for All (Clear)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC75141510Confetti Celebration (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC75143781Five for All (Wood)$28.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC77145301Happy Birthday Gorgeous (Photopolymer)***$36.75 
Stamps2017–2018 AC78140038Parcelles de vie (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC78139971Sprinkles of Life (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC80141828Stylized Birthday (Wood)$10.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC80139471Birthday Blossoms (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC80139167Birthday Blossoms (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC81144366C’est la fête (Clear; French)$22.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC81143790Celebration Time (Clear)$22.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC81143787Celebration Time (Wood)$30.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC81145369Celebration Time (Clear)$46.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC81145370C’est La Fête (Clear; French)$46.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC81145368Celebration Time (Wood)$54.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC82143440Souhaits frais (Photopolymer; French)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC82142982Cool Treats (Photopolymer)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC83142264Douceurs sucrées (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC83141498Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC87144379Tout mon amour (Clear; French)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC87143802Lots of Love (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC87143799Lots of Love (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC88141054Éclosion D’Amour (Photopolymer; French)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC88140643Bloomin’ Love (Photopolymer)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC89143814Always & Forever (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC89143811Always & Forever (Wood)$27.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC90145360Lemon Zest (Clear)***$34.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC90145359Lemon Zest (Wood)***$41.25 
Stamps2017–2018 AC93142295Contre vents et marées (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC93141543Weather Together (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC93145297Beautiful Bouquet (Photopolymer)***$51.25 
Bundle2017–2018 AC93145298Ravissant Bouquet (Photopolymer; French)***$51.25 
Bundle2017–2018 AC97145342Ribbon of Courage (Clear)***$36.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC97145343Ruban De Courage (Clear; French)***$36.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC97145341Ribbon of Courage (Wood)***$44.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC99142714Là pour toi (Clear; French)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC99142164Here for You (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC99141541Here for You (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC100140098Des adieux du fond du cœur (Photopolymer; French)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC100138764Heartfelt Sympathy (Photopolymer)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC100129903Mots d’espoir (Clear; French)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC100127805Thoughts & Prayers (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC100128751Thoughts & Prayers (Wood)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC101140186Tiens bon (Clear; French)$28.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC101139575You’ve Got This (Clear)$28.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC101139572You’ve Got This (Wood)$39.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC103143837Born to Be Loved (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC103143834Born to Be Loved (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC105142906Bookcase Builder (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC106143085Moon Baby (Clear)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC106143082Moon Baby (Wood)$28.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC107144776Little One (Clear)$16.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC107143673Little One (Wood)$21.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC108145328A Little Wild (Clear)***$43.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC108145329Bienvenue Tout-Petit (Clear; French)***$43.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC108145327A Little Wild (Wood)***$50.25 
Stamps2017–2018 AC109138756No Bones about It (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC113144399Sous le gui (Clear; French)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC113143655Merry Mistletoe (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC113143650Merry Mistletoe (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC114142125Father Christmas (Clear)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC114142122Father Christmas (Wood)$28.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC115140469Hourra pour Noël (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC115140386Oh, What Fun (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC116140426Tempête de souhaits (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC116139732Flurry of Wishes (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC117141570Peace This Christmas (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC117141567Peace This Christmas (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC118143046Houx pour Noël (Photopolymer; French)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC118142061Holly Berry Happiness (Photopolymer)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC119143123Traîneau de Noël (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC119142057Santa’s Sleigh (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC121143036Bas de Noël (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC121142114Hang Your Stocking (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC123143127Cloches de circonstance (Clear; French)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC123142107Seasonal Bells (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC123142104Seasonal Bells (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC124143156Doux foyer (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC124140936Sweet Home (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC125142200Basket of Wishes (Photopolymer)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC125138802Vintage Leaves (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC127145361Daisy Delight (Photopolymer)***$31.50 
Bundle2017–2018 AC127145362Adorable Marguerite (Photopolymer; French)***$31.50 
Stamps2017–2018 AC128142196Paisleys & Posies (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC131140124Le sens de la reconnaissance (Clear; French)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC131139420One Big Meaning (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC131138788One Big Meaning (Wood)$27.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC133145356Oh So Eclectic (Clear)***$47.50 
Bundle2017–2018 AC133145357Si Éclectique (Clear; French)***$47.50 
Bundle2017–2018 AC133145355Oh So Eclectic (Wood)***$54.75 
Stamps2017–2018 AC134139424Watercolor Wings (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC136138702Watercolor Words (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC139142481Fleurs et souhaits (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC139141784Blooms & Wishes (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC142142977Swan Lake (Clear)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC142142974Swan Lake (Wood)$28.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC142139894Remarkable You (Clear)$33.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC142139891Remarkable You (Wood)$45.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC147145348Colorful Seasons (Photopolymer)***$54.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC147145349Saisons Colorées (Photopolymer; French)***$54.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC148144653La maison du bonheur (Photopolymer; French)$35.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC148143735Home Life (Photopolymer)$35.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC149138353Simplement papillon (Photopolymer; French)$24.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC149137154Butterfly Basics (Photopolymer)$24.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC149138816Butterfly Basics (Clear)$36.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC149138813Butterfly Basics (Wood)$48.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC149145311Home Life (Photopolymer)$55.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC149145312La Maison Du Bonheur (Photopolymer; French)$55.75 
Stamps2017–2018 AC151134114Work of Art (Clear)$22.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC151134111Work of Art (Wood)$30.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC153139950Awesomely Artistic (Clear)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC153138694Awesomely Artistic (Wood)$28.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC154141951Wherever You Go (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC154141948Wherever You Go (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC155142502Dans ce monde (Clear; French)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC155142652In This World (Clear)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC155141946In This World (Wood)$28.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC156139433Garden in Bloom (Photopolymer)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC157144519Joliment inversé (Clear; French)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC157144011Lovely Inside & Out (Clear)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC157144008Lovely Inside & Out (Wood)$28.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC157145324Lovely Inside & Out (Clear)$42.25 
Bundle2017–2018 AC157145325Joliment Inversé (Clear; French)$42.25 
Bundle2017–2018 AC157145323Lovely Inside & Out (Wood)$49.50 
Bundle2017–2018 AC159145316Wood Words (Clear)***$46.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC159145317Du Marché Bio (Clear; French)***$46.75 
Bundle2017–2018 AC159145315Wood Words (Wood)***$54.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC160143760You’re Priceless (Photopolymer)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC160142488Palette d’artiste (Clear; French)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC160141910Painter’s Palette (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC160141907Painter’s Palette (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC161143995Paint Play (Clear)$22.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC161143992Paint Play (Wood)$30.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC162141105Essence de rose (Photopolymer; French)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC162140697Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC165139533Brushstrokes (Clear)$15.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC165139911Definitely Dahlia (Clear)$15.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC165141917Diagonal Stripe (Clear)$15.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC165139538Watercolor Wash (Clear)$15.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC165138952Brushstrokes (Wood)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC165138746Definitely Dahlia (Wood)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC165141914Diagonal Stripe (Wood)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC165138704Watercolor Wash (Wood)$20.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC167144427Quelques mots seulement (Clear; French)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC167143934Just Add Text (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC167143931Just Add Text (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC168143946Hello Color (Clear)$18.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC168143952Garden Girl (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC168143943Hello Color (Wood)$25.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC168143949Garden Girl (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC169145080Good Vibes (Clear)$19.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC169143740Good Vibes (Wood)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC170144002You Move Me (Photopolymer)$26.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC170145322You Move Me (Photopolymer)$49.50 
Stamps2017–2018 AC173144515Adorables amis (Photopolymer; French)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC173143763Lovely Friends (Photopolymer)$27.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC173145319Lovely Friends (Photopolymer)$54.00 
Bundle2017–2018 AC173145320Adorables Amis (Photopolymer; French)$54.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC174140176Fleurs de l’âge (Photopolymer; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC174138728Wild About Flowers (Photopolymer)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC175143765Orange Blossom (Photopolymer)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC176142419Pensées à la plume (Photopolymer; French)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC176141597Feather Together (Photopolymer)$17.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC178141091Au fil des ans (Photopolymer; French)$27.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC178140653Number of Years (Photopolymer)$27.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC184141399Dapper Denim Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC184141401Emerald Envy Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC184141403Peekaboo Peach Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC184141400Sweet Sugarplum Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC184144083Berry Burst Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC184141394Dapper Denim Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC184141396Emerald Envy Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC184141397Flirty Flamingo Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC184144082Fresh Fig Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC184144086Lemon Lime Twist Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC184141398Peekaboo Peach Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC184144084Powder Pink Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC184141395Sweet Sugarplum Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC184144085Tranquil Tide Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC184144133Berry Burst 1/2″ Finely Woven Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC184144132Fresh Fig 1/2″ Finely Woven Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC184144135Lemon Lime Twist 1/2″ Finely Woven Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC184144134Powder Pink 1/2″ Finely Woven Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC184144136Tranquil Tide 1/2″ Finely Woven Ribbon$7.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC184141414Dapper Denim 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC184141415Emerald Envy 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC184141413In Color 2016–2018 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 Sold
Paper2017–2018 AC184141417Peekaboo Peach 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC184141418Sweet Sugarplum 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC1841414122016–2018 In Color 12″ x 12″ Cardstock$11.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC1841413932016–2018 In Color Stampin’ Write Markers$15.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC1841418182016–2018 In Color Classic Stampin’ Pads$27.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC1841440812017–2019 In Color Classic Stampin’ Pads ‡$27.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185105232Always Artichoke Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC185101065Chocolate Chip Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC185105222Elegant Eggplant Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC185122932Island Indigo Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC185102107Perfect Plum Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC185102109Rose Red Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126972Always Artichoke Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126965Cajun Craze Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126966Cherry Cobbler Classic Stampin’ Pa ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126979Chocolate Chip Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126975Crumb Cake Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185131173Crushed Curry Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126974Early Espresso Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126969Elegant Eggplant Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126973Garden Green Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126986Island Indigo Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126970Night of Navy Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126963Perfect Plum Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126954Rose Red Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126976Sahara Sand Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185131179Smoky Slate Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185126978Soft Suede Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Paper2017–2018 AC185131191Neutrals 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock ‡$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC185131192Regals 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock ‡$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC185105119Always Artichoke 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC185102128Chocolate Chip 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC185105126Elegant Eggplant 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC185122923Island Indigo 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC185101889Perfect Plum 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC185102544Rose Red 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC185145411Neutrals Best 12″ x 12″ Cardstock Pack ‡$13.50 
Paper2017–2018 AC185145407Regals Best 12″ x 12″ Cardstock Pack ‡$13.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185131261Neutrals Stampin’ Write Markers ‡$23.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC185131262Regals Stampin’ Write Markers ‡$29.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC185131169Regals Classic Stampin’ Ink Refills ‡$32.00Sold Out
Ink2017–2018 AC185140933Neutrals Classic Stampin’ Pads ‡$32.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC185131184Regals Classic Stampin’ Pads ‡$54.50 
Paper2017–2018 AC186145408Subtles Best 12″ x 12″ Cardstock Pack ‡$13.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186140934Neutrals Classic Stampin’ Ink Refills ‡$19.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC186119787Marina Mist Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC186111843Pink Pirouette Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131161Soft Sky Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC186111841Tangerine Tango Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC186101041Tempting Turquoise Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC186109020Wild Wasabi Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC186122931Wisteria Wonder Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill$3.75 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131171Bermuda Bay Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131172Blushing Bride Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126983Calypso Coral Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126944Daffodil Delight Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126962Marina Mist Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126948Melon Mambo Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126953Old Olive Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126951Pacific Point Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131180Pear Pizzazz Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126956Pink Pirouette Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126982Pool Party Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126945Pumpkin Pie Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126949Real Red Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126950Rich Razzleberry Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126957So Saffron Classic Stampin’ Pad ‡$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131181Soft Sky Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126946Tangerine Tango Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126952Tempting Turquoise Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126959Wild Wasabi Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186126985Wisteria Wonder Classic Stampin’ Pad$6.50 
Paper2017–2018 AC186131193Subtles 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock ‡$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC186131190Brights 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock ‡$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC186119682Marina Mist 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC186111351Pink Pirouette 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC186111349Tangerine Tango 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC186102067Tempting Turquoise 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC186108641Wild Wasabi 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC186122922Wisteria Wonder 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC186145409Brights Best 12″ x 12″ Cardstock Pack ‡$13.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131259Brights Stampin’ Write Markers ‡$29.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131263Subtles Stampin’ Write Markers ‡$29.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131162Brights Classic Stampin’ Ink Refills ‡$32.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131170Subtles Classic Stampin’ Ink Refills ‡$32.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131182Brights Classic Stampin’ Pads ‡$54.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC186131185Subtles Classic Stampin’ Pads ‡$54.50 
Paper2017–2018 AC186131203Soft Sky 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC187144194Color Theory 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC187144169Petal Garden 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC187144193Color Theory Designer Series Paper Stack$10.00SOLD OUT
Paper2017–2018 AC187144168Petal Garden Designer Series Paper Stack$10.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC187144131Fresh Florals Designer Series Paper Stack$22.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC188144114Be Merry 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC188144156Coffee Break 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00SOLD OUT
Paper2017–2018 AC188144186Naturally Eclectic 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC188144164Pick A Pattern 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC188144112Whole Lot of Lovely 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00SOLD OUT
Paper2017–2018 AC188144155Coffee Break Designer Series Paper$11.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC188144185Naturally Eclectic Designer Series Paper$11.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC188144163Pick A Pattern Designer Series Paper$11.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC188144110Whole Lot of Lovely Designer Series Paper$11.00SOLD OUT
Paper2017–2018 AC188144111Be Merry Designer Series Paper$11.00 Sold OUt
Paper2017–2018 AC189144138Delightful Daisy 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC189144119Birthday Memories 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC189144144Bundle of Love 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC189144148Eastern Palace 8-1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC189144118Birthday Memories Designer Series Paper$11.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC189144137Delightful Daisy Designer Series Paper$11.00SOLD OUT
Paper2017–2018 AC189144143Bundle of Love Specialty Designer Series Paper$13.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC189144147Eastern Palace Specialty Designer Series Paper$13.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC189144125Foil Frenzy Specialty Designer Series Paper$13.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC189144180Just Add Color Specialty Designer Series Paper$13.00 
Kits2017–2018 AC192144209Perfect Days Card Pack$10.00 
Kits2017–2018 AC192144208Petal Garden Card Pack$10.00SOLD OUT
Kits2017–2018 AC193144207Bundle of Love Card Pack$10.00 
Kits2017–2018 AC193144210Color Theory Card Pack$10.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC194141701Delicate White Doilies$3.00 Sold Out
Paper2017–2018 AC194138392Metallic Foil Doilies$4.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC194135315Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Paper$5.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC194133719Gold Glimmer Paper$5.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC194121790Red Glimmer Paper$5.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC194135314Silver Glimmer Paper$5.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC194124267Basic Black 12″ x 12″ Cardstock$7.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC194141653Fabulous Foil Designer Acetate$12.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC195144221Basics Pack 1 Washi Tape$8.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC195144222Basics Pack 2 Washi Tape$8.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC195144223Basics Pack 3 Washi Tape$8.00 
Paper2017–2018 AC1951420016″ x 17″ Gusseted Cellophane Bags$9.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196138416White Perfect Accents$5.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196144215Hearts & Stars Elements$6.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196144216Touches of Nature Elements$6.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196144167Eclectic Shaped Paper Clips$6.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196141673Gold Binder Clips$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196144150Eastern Gold Vinyl Stickers$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196144200Glitter Enamel Dots$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196141678Metallic Enamel Shapes$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196144188Naturally Eclectic Card Overlays$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196141680Brights Enamel Shapes$9.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196141681Regals Enamel Shapes$9.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC196141679Subtles Enamel Shapes$9.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC197144124Balloon Honeycomb Embellishments$5.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC197138394Metal Rimmed Pearls$5.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC197144127Mini Gift Bows$6.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC197144154Mini Tassels Assortment$7.50 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC1971442182016–2018 In Color Glitter Acrylic Shapes$8.50 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC1971442172017–2019 In Color Bitty Bows$8.50 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198141695Basic Black Metallic Thread$3.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198132137Silver 1/8″ Ribbon$5.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198134583Gold 1/8″ Ribbon$5.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144233Island Indigo 1/4″ Ombre Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144160Soft Sky 3/8″ Classic Weave Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144140Blushing Bride 1/4″ Double-Stitched Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144123Old Olive 1/4″ Stitched-Edge Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144199Pacific Point 1/4″ Stitched-Edge Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144122Pumpkin Pie 1/4″ Stitched-Edge Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144121Rich Razzleberry 1/4″ Stitched-Edge Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198141484Gold 1/4″ Natural Trim$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198141485Silver 1/4″ Natural Trim$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144231Smoky Slate 1/2″ Gingham Ribbon$7.50 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144184Basic Gray 3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon$8.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144183Bermuda Bay 3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon$8.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144182Crushed Curry 3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon$8.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC198144181Garden Green 3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon$8.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144355Dapper Denim Baker’s Twine$3.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144356Flirty Flamingo Baker’s Twine$3.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144357Peekaboo Peach Baker’s Twine$3.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144354Crushed Curry Solid Baker’s Twine$3.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144353Pool Party Solid Baker’s Twine$3.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199134576Basic Black Baker’s Twine$3.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199134579Old Olive Baker’s Twine$3.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144225Dapper Denim 3/8″ Striped Grosgrain Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144226Emerald Envy 3/8″ Striped Grosgrain Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144227Flirty Flamingo 3/8″ Striped Grosgrain Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144228Peekaboo Peach 3/8″ Striped Grosgrain Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144229Sweet Sugarplum 3/8″ Striped Grosgrain Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144198Bermuda Bay 3/8″ Mini Chevron Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144197Crushed Curry 3/8″ Mini Chevron Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144196Old Olive 3/8″ Mini Chevron Ribbon$7.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144190Emerald Envy 5/8″ Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon$8.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144189Night of Navy 5/8″ Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon$8.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144191Berry Burst 5/8″ Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon$8.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC199144192Peekaboo Peach 5/8″ Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon$8.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC200145406Whisper White Uninked Craft Stampin’ Pad & Refill ‡$9.50 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC201133457Gold Stampin’ Glitter$4.00 
Embellishments2017–2018 AC201133756Silver Stampin’ Glitter$4.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC201140928Basic Black Archival Stampin’ Ink Refill$5.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC201140929Basic Gray Archival Stampin’ Ink Refill$5.50 
Ink2017–2018 AC201140931Basic Black Archival Stampin’ Pad$7.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC201140932Basic Gray Archival Stampin’ Pad$7.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC202129027Fast Fuse Adhesive Refill$7.50SOLD OUT
Tools2017–2018 AC202129026Fast Fuse Adhesive$10.00SOLD OUT
Storage2017–2018 AC202104335Color Caddy$60.00 
Ink2017–2018 AC202131264Many Marvelous Markers ‡$110.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC206143718Ticket Tear Border Punch$16.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC206140633Best Badge Punch$18.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC2071343631/16″ Handheld Circle Punch$9.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC2071198601-3/8″ Circle Punch$16.00sold Out
Tools2017–2018 AC207130698Pansy Punch$16.00SOLD OUT
Tools2017–2018 AC207137414Bow Builder Punch$18.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC207141846Bell Punch$18.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC208138295Tree Builder Punch$18.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC208141843Holly Berry Builder Punch$18.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC210141634Holly Textured Impressions Embossing Folder$7.50 
Tools2017–2018 AC210138288Brick Wall Textured Impressions Embossing Folder$8.50SOLD OUT
Tools2017–2018 AC210139304Fluttering Textured Impressions Embossing Folder$8.50SOLD OUT
Tools2017–2018 AC210143705Sweetheart Textured Impressions Embossing Folder$8.50 
Tools2017–2018 AC211142760Celebrations Duo Textured Impressions Embossing Folders (English)$9.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC211143246Duo Festif Textured Impressions Embossing Folder (French)$9.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC212141473Popcorn Box Thinlits Dies$33.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC212140279Home Sweet Home Thinlits Dies$38.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC212137547Mini Treat Bag Thinlits Dies$40.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC213138135Bold Butterfly Framelits Dies$17.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC213139666Hearth & Home Thinlits Dies$20.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC213138283Leaflets Framelits Dies$27.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC213141474Cupcake Cutouts Framelits Dies$27.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC213141575Petit Gâteau Framelits Dies (French)$27.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC213142756Frozen Treats Framelits Dies$27.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC213143748Garden Grown Framelits Dies$30.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC213143703Celebration Thinlits Dies$30.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC213143658Birthday Friends Framelits Dies$31.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC214141479Umbrella Weather Framelits Dies$25.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC214138281Lots of Labels Framelits Dies$27.00 sold Out
Tools2017–2018 AC214143752Welcome Home Framelits Dies$27.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC214143733Lovely Words Thinlits Dies$27.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC214143734Poinçons Thinlits Lovely Words (French)$27.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC214143732Move Me Thinlits Dies$29.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC214140278Santa’s Sleigh Thinlits Dies$30.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC214143731Lovely Laurel Thinlits Dies$33.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC214141707Sweet & Sassy Framelits Dies$35.00 SOLD
Tools2017–2018 AC215140621Bloomin’ Heart Thinlits Dies$25.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC215137360Butterflies Thinlits Dies$27.00SOLD OUT
Tools2017–2018 AC215141841Christmas Stockings Thinlits Dies$30.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC215140622Large Numbers Framelits Dies$31.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC216141836Detailed Santa Thinlits Dies$25.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC216141849Paisley Framelits Dies$29.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC216140619Rose Garden Thinlits Dies$31.00 
Tools2017–2018 AC217101049Stamp-a-ma-jig$12.00 
Host2017–2018 AC220144029Background Bits (Clear)$13.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC220144026Background Bits (Wood)$16.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC221144539Réalise Ton Rêve (Photopolymer; French)$10.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC221143769Dare to Dream (Photopolymer)$10.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC221144037Feathery Friends (Clear)$12.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC221144032Feathery Friends (Wood)$16.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC222145224En ville (Photopolymer; French)$16.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC222143771In the City (Photopolymer)$16.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC223143767Tranquil Tulips (Photopolymer)$10.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC223144529Tu Es Charmante (Clear; French)$12.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC223144023You’re Delightful (Clear)$12.00* 
Host2017–2018 AC223144020You’re Delightful (Wood)$16.00* 
Stamps2017–2018 AC233145089Douces pensées à partager (Clear; French)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC233144051Sharing Sweet Thoughts (Clear)$21.00 
Stamps2017–2018 AC233144048Sharing Sweet Thoughts (Wood)$29.00 
*Amount in Stampin’ Rewards; host sets can only be purchased using Stampin’ Rewards from a qualifying party.
***While the items in these bundles are not retiring, they will no longer be available in a bundle after May 31, 2018.
‡These items will be reconfigured.

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I am Marilyn SanClemente an avid paper crafter and Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. I love to make handmade cards, stationery and scrapbooks and teach others about my passion.

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